Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kettle hunt

Firstly, I would like to say goodbye to one of my faithful companion, who's willing to help me out whenever I need her, no matter it's early morning or late night, even on rainy days. When I need her, there she's, her warmth seep into deep into me, giving me comfort. Now she's leaving me, and the loss is terrible for me..

Oh dear kettle!

How am I suppose to survive without warm milo for breakfast and midnight supper? No boiled water for maggi? I'll starve without you! How could you just leave me like that? ='(

Terrible loss indeed. I got to buy a new kettle, and my wallet's slim enough without this extra "workout". Sigh.


Okay la enough of these nonsense. So after 2 days without milo and boiled water, me and Jojo had enough of it and decided to go for our "kettle hunt" today since we ended out class at noon. We went survey for water boiler 1st. End up there was so much choices like this

(Picture from dear ol'Google Lol)

And others as well. Some look unsafe to use. I mean they look plastic and I ever use one thermoflask that melts =="

Sigh, have to look for quality ones but have to look for economical ones too. Both of us no $$$ already ler T-T Plus I don't want those which only can boil like 2L of water. I'm such a water bucket, I don't want to boil water like 3 times a day ler..

End up buying this one.

 (Welcome to hell our room!)

Look like my old kettle huh. Sigh thinking of the amount of food that the money we spent on the kettle can convert into T-T I'm hungry grawww!

Found this half true too.
 Our aim was "kettle hunting" but what we did before that was

SHOPPING! (Window shopping of course)

I like the 2nd pic more. The 1st 1 was..... I dono, it's just weird.

I want this la... T-T Cheaper than the kettle wei!
Straw hat! Seems quite okay le.. But don think I'll wear it out so better don't buy.
And wool cap. As if KL is not hot enough wth.
Saw 1 mummy buy this for her girl. Unfair 1! Why my mum never let me buy these wor!
*Of course la! Buy it for what??*
Really HAVE to stop and look at these. So cute!
Dono what plants are these. But really tiny and cute! The pot is smaller than my palm! Should I get I to put in my room? Oh should I?

Okay done whining. Remember this?
I said it's half true because we DID spend more  but we didn't spend more money than we need. Feeling so proud of myself =P


  1. the blue pants very nice wei~~~~ >.< cheaper than ur kettle sumore ~~~

  2. Haha! Coz my kettle expensive mah T-T

  3. Yer.. I want shopping but my purse is empty one. >,<

  4. Hahaha fill it up lo! *look at the papers beside*

  5. sweatman dropping by! whoa u really visited lots of other places other than the kettle department!

  6. OMG sweatman's here! Shud I take a picture with you oh shud i? xP

    Not really THAT lot. At least I haven go down to where the foods are =p