Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mao mao and qiu qiu~

Kittens are cute aren't they?

*Yawnn~* Just woke up..

*What should i do now? Hrmmm...*

Saw kitty big sis's playing on her laptop.. Qiu qiu come and kacau.. *I want play tooooooooo!!*

Qiu qiu chatted with my friends last night ==" Spamming our conversation with words we don't understand... Don't believe? Ask howard and eric. LOL

They insist on eating whatever i eat.. Duh.. Was drinking milk tea when mao mao jump onto the table wanna reach my drink... OMG... Then when i eat the Dapha dried fish fillet, the 2 kittens gone crazy.. Both shrieking for food, and Qiu qiu climb onto my shoulder trying to bit my nose off to get me feed them with the fish O.o

After eating enough fish, the sastifyed kittens start to play around.. Mao mao staring at my laptop while Qiu qiu fighting with my sis's handphone strap.. lolz..

Mao mao trying to push Qiu qiu down from the chair.. *Go die lah you!!! Grrrmeow!!*


*Me too..*

(Background music : H1N1 song) wash your body wash your hands too!

*Kua ha mi kua?? Cannot sleep on your chair meh??*
They occupied my chair! O.o



I got scratches on my lap... Both scratched me when they're trying to get onto my lap or the table.. Yeeouch!! Naughty lil things =="

P.s. I know you're jealous! xP


  1. so adorable!!! I want to squish their faces!!! SO CUTE!!! miao~

  2. Squish?? Omg! Hahaha..
    Cute kan? Miss them lotsssss! T________T