Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in miri =)

I'm at miri for a few days edi.. And I indeed had a lot fun back here..

Finally went to get my L license.. Now i can learn driving anytime! But have to wait till this year end when i finish my SAM though... Aiyak!

The super boring class I have to attend.. Luckily i met my aunt's student Jade Crystal or I'll die of boredom very very soon..

2nd day there.. Wait 3 hours alone just to get my L license done.. This time really almost die of boredom.. Look at my face... Result of sleeping late and waking up early ><


Played a lot with my lil sis and bro.. Aunt got us 2 kittens too.. They're just sooooo cute!

Qiu Qiu (direct translate = Ball Ball) posing.. Very weird pose eh xP

Lil sis and Mao Mao (direct translate = fur fur???)

Damn cute they're.. now they're crawling all over me n my laptop kacauing me posting this blog.. lol.. Itchy lah! Qiu Qiu is fighting with me to type on the keyboard now... OMG...


Went to miao's house too.. Played with my hair xP

So not me? Hahaha..



Went to a wedding dinner too..

Brother blurring..

Me and my sis xP She's wearing my dress and i'm wearing her blouse! Hahaha..

Sis posing, and caught me on the picture! Lolz..

Ahh~ So cuteeeee! Kittens are sleeping on my lap now =) Sweet ahhh... But i think i have to change b4 sleep? Or else someone'll complain dirty right? xP

P.s. I wanna show you my kittens lah... Where're u...? O.o