Thursday, July 29, 2010

Joey's birthday =)

Okay, this is a really really late post! Sorry~ Blame the broadband for it!

After a few stressful weeks, we finally finished our major English presentation on tuesday (sometime in Mid June. Really should post this ages before!) And it's Joey's birthday as well so we decided to relax ourselves at Midvalley.

Sooooo what we did there? Basically it's not much, we just fool around and laugh a lot (yes getting a lot of stares and glares from strangers LOL). Tried some clothes at Cotton On too =)

 The polka-dot dress that I like quite a lot..

 Goes real fine with Denim Jacket too. This is a Vivi inspired look =)

The dress cost about RM59 while the jacket's about RM69. Quite reasonable, but I can't buy them at the moment.. Sigh~ Maybe next time then..

 This may be quite rare, but oh yes, I did some make up =P

 And now! Some group pictures we got that day~

 Cool! Or a bunch of noisy house flies? *Shop keeper staring* Whoops~

And Jojo's good photography skill made us all look like same height. Nyahaha! Poor chris~

Enough of the fooling around, we decided to have our dinner. Majority wants to take japanese meal so we ended up in Sushi Zanmai.

Just some pictures to make your mouth water....

Spider roll a.k.a Sushi roll with soft shell crab inside and avocado slices on top of it + lots of yummy sauce. I was utterly speechless when I tasted it. It was much much better than I thought! A must try! *Christy's recommendation*

Unagi sushi, not sure what it's called, but it is specially prepared for that few days only. Can't find it on the menu. Quite nice, unagi + specially prepared mushroom sauce on top = Yummeh!
And Dai Dai Roll a.k.a. Salmon roll. Mmmm fresh salmon rocks! The creamy and smooth texture just makes my inner cat purrs in joy xP

 This is what Jacqueline ordered. For those who don't really like salmon, unagi or all those fishy Japan food, you can try this. If not mistaken it is called Chicken Katsu Don. With deep fried chicken + egg + seaweed + many other ingredients, this is really a wonderful, filling meal! She ordered small, and it is quite enough for those who don't really have a large appetite. =)

This is real random. The chopstick eating monsters!

 Involves everyone xD

I just realize that I look damn funny when I eat sushi. Oh well, but it shows how happy am I with my food =D

Shiawase ne~ Okay lah I know I really look stupid xD

I'll end my update here with some pictures =)


 And lastly, our birthday girl JOEY!

 P.s. I'll try to update more often! When I still got quota of course, please guys, stay tuned! xD

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