Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1st blood donation =)

After 2 months in Mahsa, I did one of the bravest thing in my life. Donate blood! On the 16 & 17th July there's a blood donation campaign run by the National Blood Centre. So we decided to give it a try! x)

There's errr about 10 or 12 seats for us, and it's full almost all the time! Guess maybe it's because we're in a medical school so most ppl are not afraid of losing some haemoglobin and so on..

To be able for us, those who love people in the nation and want to reduce their suffer to get in the line, blood test it required. Humph~ Not a big deal! Just a poke on my middle finger n blood flow out like what (is my blood diluted??) Confirmed my blood group is A. Then we have to check our blood pressure. Guess what? Remember the blood pressure value in your science / Bio / wadsoever text book? Mine's exactly the same - 120/80! LOL..

Done checking and have to wait for our turn. Nervous.. 1st time what... I'm much much better than many who does not even dare to go for it!

Our 1st line of warriors bravely stood out and offered themselves to the front line of battlefield.

Jocelyn aka Jojo!! Thought she might not pass the pressure test but who knows.... So there she's, even offered herself 1st! But her blood really flow s-l-o-wwwww....

 Joey! She go forward with Jojo. Fast blood flow she got, and she donated a big pack! 450ml.. That's a lot for me.. *gulp*

After like 20 min or half n hour, Joey's done, and Joycelin went on after her. Hmmm... Then I heard shriek from Jojo! O.o Arrgh! Makes my legs go jelly-like! The nurse's pressing on her vein to get the blood flow faster (is that the correct way? Seems weird to me) but accidentally pressed on the needle head inside the vein. You get what I mean? Is like errrr she PRESS the needle head against the wall of the vein. Imagine that! Now I'm really nervous. Not shaking yet, but yes, cold and have an urge to run away xD

Now yes that's me. No choice, is my turn after Jojo. Lol. Arrgh I turn my head away when the nurse poke me.. Or else I'll squirm and shriek and faint (I think). Erm, you ask me how's the feeling? Surprisingly it's not very painful, it's just like normal injection (I dono whether injection is painful for you, but for me it's okay, just a bit erm... Awkward??) and a lil weird having something poking out from my forearm.

Most interesting part is after the pack of blood is filled, the nurse cut the tube, and from the tube connecting directly from my vein, she pour my blood out. 3 test tubesssss.. How weird is that? Yer! Sort of like pouring wine or what, just that it's my blood fresh from my vein! My vein is exposed!
Suddenly got the vivid imagination of how modern vampires feed. 1st catch 1 prey, then tie him/her up in the kitchen. Poke a tube into the vein, then vampiess can get fresh supply of blood everyday! I'm wondering how long the human "wine dispenser" can last.. O.o

Here's my blood! Looks yummy? =D

And certificate, donor's book bla bla bla.. Of course, I got 100plus, bread and also biscuit. But hey, I'm not donating because I want the food oh! (perasan~)

That's all for today. Hope I can get myself to update more. Feeling so lazy these days sigh~

さよなら! (Yeshh I'm leaning! But terrible la me! Anyone offer to teach? =D)

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