Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo shooting back in Miri =)

Months back when I was still in Miri, me, Howard, Yuen, Ben and Pauline came up with this sudden decision. We'll shoot some pics! And it's the very next day, and we still play until 3am the day before. I was so tired throughout the session as I still have to wake and work early in the morning. Ha ha~ Luckily there's no dark circle, no droppy eye lids and stuff xD

Start from make up~

Geisha looking heh? Howard was doing my hair that time.

Done! Start from shooting in Howard's house. Nice right the place? his living room. Classy~

Me & Yuen. We're supposed to look like couple but it seem failed. Hmm..

Favourite shoot of the day. Promoting Gucci! xD

Then we go to a erm... House under construction or renovation. No idea which is it. The whole place was a mess! xD

Passerby are all looking ==" So embarassing...

Last location. Marina bay! Uh oh.. That's where my dad's friends/customers will normally appear. Fishing spot what. Luckily none of them spotted me. I hope. But it happened that there's a dinner at Marina Bay restaurant.. So many rich people n their big big car pass by out small old car with me sitting on top of it. Somemore giving comments ==" I wish I can hide my face...

Proposal.. Of a poor guy to a erm rich young lady?

Me & Howard the hair stylist and my personal director xD

The famous "sitting-on-the-lousy-old-car" pose LOL

Basically done! Oh and some ramdom pictures x)

The group photo! Look familiar? Check back to those albums you bought. Anything similar? xD

Best shot of the day. Kungfu Kick!

End with some solo pics of ours xP

Lets call it a day. Coming up soon : Whatever that hits me xD Stay tuned!