Thursday, April 24, 2014

Herbal Essence Neo Gal Party

After days of last minute studies and cramming information into my teeny-weeny brain, finally there's a bit of time for me to breath a lil easily! Oh not exactly that easily if you consider the fact that I had a fever from no where and had to go out and get caught in rain.... and more exam stress are

Ah sorry let me just put my rantings and whines aside xD Let's talk about something happier!

Me, Joey and Jacqueline are very lucky to be invited by Cheesie to this Herbal Essence Neo Gal party! You must be asking what is Neo Gal. Well it's quite complex to be explained actually. Neo Gal is a new fashion trend in Japan that focus on a more street friendly style with a western trend influence + a Harajuku touch. Compared to gyaru style, they don't emphasis on heavy eyelashes and nude lips but more towards a lighter eye make and coloured lips. Neo Gal fashion brands include Figs & Viper, Murua and Emoda! When I'm free I'll be dedicating a post on Neo Gal. Love this trend so much more since it's super street friendly and it shows your attitude as well!

 Check out who's here!
Jacqueline, Angie, Renae, Joey and me!
Joey and me both rocking out crop top haha. My outfit of the day consist of crop top, high waisted camouflage shorts, two toned leggings, studded fringe bag and of course accessories!

Ditsy rings set from House Of Humerus. Only RM12!

There's lots of girly girly things to do there at the party! They whole place is very well decorated and really reflects the theme of sweet rose and soft lavender - lots of pink and purple! Down side is just that the lighting can be quite bad haha all our photos turn out with a reddish hue.

The dessert section mad cute right? =D

1st girly thing we did here - Hair chalk colouring! I actually bought some pastle chalk myself but never really played with them. This session made me really wanna put my chalk in use!

Bad lighting and over adjusted brightness haha. The main point is my purple chalk colour! Isn't it gorgeous? Now instead of red ombre perhaps I should try purple highlight instead!
Too bad my future profession won't allow this kind of rebellious act T.T

Renae pampering her nails. Didn't join in as our mock exams are coming and I don't want to paint my nails just to get it removed the next morning =(

DIY earrings and hair pins! Actually drank too much coffee that very morning and was having a very bad caffeine induced syndrome. I was very very nervous seeing such a huge crowd all well dressed up there and decided to hide in this corner and make my accessories, only to find out that I have very bad tremors too! Make the easy glue and stick task becoming a huge challenge for me haha.

More DIY stuff! Now it's DIY floral head band!

And speaking of head band, I really no likey Joey's spikey head band. I like it's coolness and attitude but seriously bumping your head into spikes is just horrible! So girls, no spike head band when you're going out with your close girl friends or boyfriend! xD

Nice kan~ Pity my trembly hand though. Accidentally touched the hot tip of the hot glue gun cause of it =______________=

Renae getting her air brush tattoo. Again, cause I'm lazy to remove it before the exam, I rather just not do it xD

Awesome performance by Charis and Christian! Absolutely love their acoustic renditions of many popular songs and not to mention that they have lovely personality too!

Yay group photo!

Love the photobooth here! The photos look awesome and see me and Joey buey pai seh flaunting our 'abs' haha.

Sharing session with the bloggers!

On the day itself there's also hair styling demo from 76 Style. And they are choosing 2 more guest for a hair make over on the spot! Oh boy oh boy without hesitant I just raised my hand and screamed 'ME!'. That was embarrassing. But girls do whatever they can to look better so it's okay to do that once in a while!

No time to style my hair before I come out! Look at the sad face..

 So in preparation for the styling demo session, I was brought to the lunch area to set up the base style for my hair. Another lucky guest Jing (she's a super bubbly and friendly girl! I likey her xD) was there with me and we both were very nervous on what's gonna happen.

So there's 2 teams, one curling Jing's hair as the base and another team start crimping my hair. Then Jing was done with her base so here comes Jane Chuck and then Cheesie... And I was still seated there being crimped =O And more people were staring at me by then and I was wondering what's going on. There's also no mirror so.. It's all an adventure!

Until Joey took a photo of me and showed me. HAH! That's so.... Shinjuku? I don't know! It's just the base but it's something so unexpected! Now Im very anticipated for the final result of the styling.

 Cheesie and Jing had their hair make over 1st. Jing got herself a nice bow half updo which is absolutely sweet and Cheesie got an temporary ombre dye on her curls!

 And the ombre matches her outfit! Awesome!

And now it's Jane Chuck and my turn for the hair makeover!
Lovely braid ain't it?

Tadaa! Me!
On the spot itself I guess everyone was quite stunned by the hairstyle here haha. I mean everyone else was all sweet and lovely and suddenly, a wild Christy appears! *literally*

Was in awe when I saw these photos but too bad my hair's too heavy and long to last even a while in this Super Saiyan mode hair.

Group photo with the stylists and others!

My main stylist Chiaki Sabata Sang that didn't have a formal introduction on the event. But he's awesome! I'll be expecting that much of crimping and teasing and pinning of hair will cause pain and hair damage but surprising, not at all! And owh, there, my hair started to collapse..

And eventually it became a round bonsai head =_____________=
Joey say I look like an evil witch here hahaha My wrath poisoned the field and turned everything toxic purple!

And then I further spread my wrath to the rose field to make sure that Disney Princesses will not live happily ever wth

Baka Joey think it's funny to stick the so-called-mop into my hair! Well soon....

And and this totally made my day....

 I got best dress prize! =O Summore we were all asking which Christy is it since we all didn't expect that I'll get it actually.
Another 2 winners are Chris Chong and the super cute gal Hermes!

The event ended with DJ Jane's performance. Man this girls really know her stuff! 

So glad that I got extra conditioner to pamper my heavily teased and crimped hair! Besides, there's also Rm100 voucher for 76 Styles! Always wanted to try going there but I'm very kiamsiap with myself and I only cut my hair once or twice in a year =/ Not sure if I can pull out extra cash for a proper ombre red dye (or purple highlight) after my exams and before I go for a job interview lol.

So what do you think? To dye or not to dye? =D (And what colour too!)

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