Saturday, April 19, 2014

House88Kend 9th Anniversary Party

So right after our House of Humerus pop up store work at Mahsa Carnival last Saturday, we went to Kendrick's BBQ party as well! Very tired after a whole day's work and somemore it was raining cats and dogs but somehow we still appear at his place magically hahaha

What's the occasion you asked? It's his studio's 9th anniversary! Yay! This dude has started his doodling journey long long time ago, when I was still dreaming about being a musician and join a lot of band activities but refusing to face the reality that I have got no talent and I'm a lazy bum. Oops why did I let that slip? =P

Doodle of me on Nuffnang's birthday bash when we 1st officially met lol.

Actually knew his existence for years. Added him since 2010? Can't remember how we get to know each other on facebook though. Something on the line of him being an ex-band member and also being a blogger I think? Hrmm nevermind that. He's one awesome friend though!

Visit here to see his artworks and also his blog!

He blog about everything in doodle! Very cute so make sure you pay his blog a visit! His life is just filled with art. Such lucky person to be able to do what he like everyday for a living!

Wish I can just eat and eat and eat and somehow generate money wth

Yay finally here! Instead of the trend of draping the jacket over the shoulders or tie a plaid shirt around the waist, I'm trying to start a trend of wearing cardigan as a cape. Fashionista max right?

Leng zais starting up the fire for our BBQ

Boss doodling on our goodie bags!

Since I'm busy eating and enjoying myself there all night, all photos are stolen from the 2 photographers Russell and Ernest x)

A very fun night indeed! Summore got goodies T.T
All his own work! How to not feel touched right?

Alright better stop here already. Gotta continue my exam preparation nao!
See even exam also got cute doodle to support us T.T

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  1. Awwww thanks for coming :3 I has shy now hahaha! Anyways I wish you all the best!