Sunday, April 20, 2014

I Will Love You From Afar (Bridal photo shoot)

You are the reason I smile.

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

'Land and seas in between you and I 
But I'll keep you so deep in my heart
I will love
I will love you from afar
I will send love from afar'

A photo session done with Jet and Jay. Awesome photographers and it was a fun session trying to get the best shot done in a nice studio unit. Really love the end result of this session! It's fun trying to drag the 2 metre long wedding gown train around the whole unit. I mean, how many times do you get a chance to wear something like this? *run up and down stairs* *drag, spin, tripped* Ouch xD

It's just me soloing in this shoot, but I guess this can be quite a nice wedding photo shoot idea as well. Even better if the couple just move into a new house as well! That'll be sweet! Okay now I feel like buying a unit of my own again =__________= As if I can afford one hahahaha!

Check out the photographers' page too yeah! =D