Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nuffnang Lovin' @ Aloft KL Sentral

Hello guys! I'm back!

Just a quick update on the Nuffnang Lovin' event at Aloft Hotel's W XYZ bar. It's an event for bloggers and Nuffies to get together and get to know each other, which is awesome cause poor me just don't know who's from Nuffnang and who's not when
I attend events xD

Nyehehe. Borrowed this picture from Nuffnang cause I never had any photos of me playing pool! That's Kendrick playing against me while we're waiting for more people to arrive.

Food came in bite sizes so that we get a taste of everything and not get too full. Above is compressed watermelon with goat cheese in soy sauce. It's rather peculiar to have the flavour mixed like that but, oh well it's still creative. There's also quinoa california roll topped with alfalfa sprouts. Erm taste peculiar as well, not a big fan of both of them but that's me!

This is quite yummy though. And I absolutely love their vegetarian stir fry vermicelli that's served in chinese take-away style boxes. I should had asked for a second portion!

The bar area is very comfortable and cozy! They have all these lovely couches and seats around that you can just sit around like you're at home, talking to your buddies.

Not only that, we also get to enjoy performance from Paperplane Persuit! They're a really AWESOME local band so do check them out!

Selfie time! Kendrick~

Chloe. She's really petite!

And pretty Guen

Yay finally get to know all the Nuffies! And they're lovely and funny bunch of people!

We also had a tour in the hotel and to be frank, this place look AWESOME! It got the modern and funky chic look in it. Great concept! Definitely look fun!

Absolutely love these group photos with the roof top view!

 We also played some games and this is our team!

Group photo again! Have to thank Nuffnang for posting up all these lovely photos!

 Finally ending it with a cute pose! Thanks for the cute pose guys! <3 p="">

 So.... When's the next gathering then? Can't wait!

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