Wednesday, April 13, 2011

De-stress (。◕‿◕。) with FOOD! Seo Gung @ SS2, Shin Kee Beef noodle @ Petaling Street, Food Foundry @ SS17

Ended our exams, passed my practical exam (phuhhh thank god! But secretly hope I can do better than that..). It's time to de-stress!

After our theory exam on last Friday, we went to Seo Gung, a Korean restaurant in SS2 for dinner.

Usual bunch, Joey and Jac + Chris.

Very lazy to elaborate so I'll just proceed to food. Hahaha.

The thing I really like about Korean restaurant is they always give you lots of side dishes! And you can refill as you like! But err from so many types of side dishes they serve here I only like the Kimchi and (I think) jellyfish dish. 

 Errrrrrrr forgot it's name, but it's rice vermicelli stir fried with veges. It's okay to eat it alone but it's not that nice to eat with rice. Too plain. 

Ja jang myung. Not bad!

Kimchi jigae. Very nice! Woooo enjoy it so much! And I can eat my rice just with this dish x) It's not as spicy as it looks, but it's really hot and can chase away the chill in you! Perfect for a rainy day like that day. But the picture is so blur. I just cant get a good shot of it dono why =______________=

Ginseng chicken soup. Just normal.

Of course, the must try. BBQ! Woooo but it's my first time eating Korean Bbq actually. Warping it up is fun! But the garlic they provide is in big pieces it's too much for me. It totally covers the taste of the meat (Boooo!) So in the end I warp the meat up with kimchi (refilled side dish hahaha) and onion. Yumss.

 Warp till very not nice =_____________________=

 Finish the dinner, time to fight for practical exam again (say only lah basically I just sit at home and look blank in space. No mood study I think Joey affected me i become over confident. Booo!)

Finished my practical exam on Monday, but Joey and Jac's exams are on Tuesday. So we're officially free today yesterday!

Went to Petaling Street for our food frenzy again. Just that this time we only stop at the beef noodle shop and taufu fah stall.

Yummehhh still so nice!

P.s. They close on Wednesday! Just telling you to prevent disappointment x)

 And spotted 2 shirtless angmos who was dancing by the street while walking barefoot. Wth? Don't ask me why, I got a hard time figuring why also! Here don't look like beach to me. I see no seashore nor sand or seashell. Hmmm and this is no jungle also. Or they thought we're all people from the hutan and try to "do as the Romans do when you are in Rome" wth.


Today yesterday was also da jie Jing Xuan's birthday too! How can we not celebrating it with her? =D

Da jie on the left! ❤

Went to this Food Foundry hiding in SS17, PJ. Looks cute huh? They sell western food here. Grills and pasta and cakes. Worth to have a try!

Ze menu. 

They drew twitter on the wall! LOL

More twitters!

Tea =)

Tomato cream soup. Lol at the polka dots! xD

Lamb steak. It's quite good! And it's a big portion as well!

Cordon Bleu. It's nice too! But I think they don roll the cheese together with the ham inside? Or maybe it's just the yummy cream being overwhelming? Cheese or no, it's yummeh!

Vanilla and chocolate crepes. Nice!

 Whee this is one good dinner for me. The prices are reasonable, atmosphere is very comfortable and food are nice too! And they got no service and government charge! yay!

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7955 3885

(Open from 10.30am-9pm on weekdays, 9am-11pm on weekends.)


  1. wahhhh i look like a sick person in the photo

  2. that's a lot of food. Eso es bastante comida.

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  4. hahah go Food Foundry! Nice right the other food in FF? Wanna try again other than Mille Crepe~!

  5. Stephanie : Hahaha yeah make me gained weight *oops*

    Kian fai : Yum yum!

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