Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yawn~ *Puffy eyed*

Because of my super low mood, I din't really study last night.. that's why i have to wake up damn early this morning... Super tired one..

And guess what? I only slept at 2am with my lights on and laptop buzzing beside me.. =="

Woke at 4am, being nudged by howard till i finally wake up to study (This guy stayed up for the whole night.. O.o He still haven adjusted back to the time in our sweet malaysia since he came back from Spain (Good larh... That's what you'll get if u go Spain!! *Pure jealousy*))

Walked blur blur to class, stare at book blur blur... Eh exam start edi a?? Oops... Did my paper blur blur... But it seem better than last time (I got 9 out of 40 last time.. Damn cool 1.. Fail till everyone speechless)

Too bad tomorrow still got Malaysian Studies exam.. And its's final! Even though i only need another 12 morks to pass it, i still don wanna get just a D for it.. Means that i cannot have a whole day rest yet.. Huhu..

Still shivers when i remembered the "wake up surprise" for me yesterday.. This "wonderful" little thing is a centipede.. I have no idea where it came from.. It appears just underneath my feet when i start get sleepy trying to concentrate last night... About 7cm, this not too little buggy gave me a great fright... Stared at it with my mouth hanging open not knowing what to do ><

I squashed it into half with my chair when i get back my senses.. And to my sheer horror, this action only doubled my "excitement".. The 2 halves are still squirming and moving! Even worst, in opposite direction!! O.o Almost get insane when i saw that.. Huhu.. Don't know how long i spent to get the 2 "cute" and "lively" multiplied worms flat under the legs of my plastic chair in the far corner of my room..

I'm NOT going to touch that chair until the cleaner come to clear the silly bug off..

And currently stoled my roomie's chair to use.. She's back at kelantan for holiday.. Shh!!Don't tell her!! LOL..

Ah k.. Sleepy again... Duhh~ Should i just nap a while? I guess i should.. Nitey nitez~ xD

P.s. Front part of this blog is typed in campus's Web.. Only finish it now, 5pm.. LOL.. Wanna sleep... ><

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pray hard...

I pray you'll be our light
And watch us where we go

And tell us to be wise
At times where we don't know

Let this be our prayer

When we lose our way

Take us to a place

Guide us with your grace

To a place where we'll be safe

I'd been waiting for the band state level competition since beginning of year and can't wait any longer.. I wished and wished it'll drop in my holiday.. And guess what? IT DID!!

Erm but I feel worst like that.. You know why? Because my flight is on 23rd back to miri, and the competition is on 23rd.......... IN SIBU!!! T-T Just phoned mum to ask for her permission to let me go but she don't let... Haih.. It's like being throw down from a very very very high place.. Maybe my hopes are running too high.. >< Moodless, seriously moodless...

Should be studying by now as tomorrow's my physic exam.. But i'd been stupid for more than an hour... Only calmed down when i write this post.. *Puffy eyed* And listened to "the prayer".. Wonderful song really.. It soothed me a lot..

Now my only chance of going to watch the competition is IF it's held at night.. Then i don't mind suffer in bus for 6 or 7 hours.. As long as i can get there in time.. And hope mum won't object it.. At least i didn't waste my flight ticket..

P.s. I really wanna meet my babies and friends badly.. And I wanna be with you all supporting you all always.. Feel sooo weird cannot help you guys prepare all uniform stuff all this while when i'm here in kl...

P.p.s. AND of course YOU as well.. My special friend miao.. And my "ahem", my friends on "the other side" LOL... I do hope to meet you guys... Coz after this, I don't know when can we meet again...

Pray hard ><

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much ester! xD

Having practical test these few days.. Damn nervous oh when doing the experiment as we're too afraid if we do wrong then the whole thing just gone like that.. o.O Thank god finish edi.. No more ester! Or our whole class will go hyper and uncontrolled.. Haha..


Nope.. Just a bunch of stained nucleus and dead cells...

Jocelyn accidentally got stained by aceto-orcein during our bio lab period and it look damn like a cut.. Hoho.. As aceto-orcein stain and kill cells, it'll take a long time for the colour to go off.. Now she'll have the "cut" with her for at least a week.. Haha..

I wonder what will happen it someone was poured with aceto-orcein... Turns all purple-ish-red? All skin cells dies? Yerr.. Scary *shudder* But one thing for sure, that someone will be damn smelly... Eeew acid-vinegar smell... Owh and please don't do the experiment for me yea.. I don't wanna get blamed for killing other people's cells! o.O

Currently doing some readings instead of doing my homeworks... Lol.. Being a very bad girl again.. Hahas.. But now i stop my novel halfway to read this book see kay lend to me "50 simple ways to pamper your dog"..

Well i never really pampered my doggies... But i do love them a lot... Miss them eh.. Have more than 1 month to go before i can go home.. Then after that i guess i might only go home again after i finish my final exam here.. Hrmm.. Still considering whether wanna go back home or not during august or september holiday.. What do you think? o.O

Well i guess i'll stop here.. Damn sleepy even thought is still pretty early.. Can i sleep soooo early? Then wake earlier to do my homework? Hrmm... Felling lazy eh.... Damn lazy.. Blueks..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

What will you gonna do if you're born with no limbs?

No hand to play instrument... No hand to eat with... No hand to type with... No hand to play games like normal kids and peoples...

No legs to dance... No legs to walk... No legs to run... No legs to walk and explore the world...

When you fall down you got no limbs to help yourself up... Lying there helplessly..

What will you do? Cry because you think yourself is useless? Stay there whining about how miserable your life is? Blame everyone because you're born like this? Commit suicide because you think life is meaningless for you?

Unbearable right?

What if i tell you there's a real life example of a person like this?


Nick Vujicic was born with no limbs at all.. For once he did think his life's meaningless.. Everything means nothing to his as he cannot do most of the stuff others can..

But you know what? Now, he enjoy travel around the world, swimming, golfing and fishing.. living just like everyone of us.. Or maybe he's life is even more meaningful than ours.. Amazing huh?

He touched numerous people's life all around the world.. And he touched my heart as well.. Cried of it thought..

And most importantly, without limbs, he still can get up... Unlike most of us, when we fall in our life, after several attempts to get up, if we still cant get up, we'll give up... But he, who stands a smaller chance to get up again after fall down than us, he manage to get up everytime he falls...

Like what he had said:" I'm down here with no arms no legs.. It should be impossible for me to get up but it's not.. You see, i would tried 100 times to get up, and if i fail 100 times, IF I FAILED AND I GIVE UP do you think i'll able to get up? NO!" Everytime he failed, he try again and again, and it's not the end.. Even if you are going to finish, are you going to finish strong?

Gosh he got his points.. Why should we give up when he never did? Even if we cannot succeed, can we finish it strong, not giving it up halfway?

He loves his life... So do I... And here i'm to share this video which motivated and touched my heart... And I hope, same as me, you'll find something to learn from this video.

Yea, I love living life. I'm happy. =)

P.S. Sorry... Tried a lot of times to upload the video but connection got prob.. Next time k? Next time!

Touched my heart...

Went to City Harvest Center today.. Wow... 1st time go to such a "young people" church... Rock eh.. Rock worshiping songs and funny dramas.. Really different from other church.. o.O What a surprise for me..

And you know what? The drama did send the message of "forgive" to me.. Even thought i'm not a christian, the story just kinda touched my heart.. >< *Tears dropping* Oops you're not suppose to know that.. Immediately after the church i messaged someone to say sorry and i don't really know why since i'd not in contact with her for quite long edi.. And told someone i love him.. HEY DON'T GET ME WRONG! It's my ah gor lar.. Hahaha.. Missed him a lot lot...

Wanna say a lot of stuff to a lot of peoples around me right now...

Wanna say i love you mum..

Wanna say i love you dad...

Wanna say i missed playing with all of you to my lil sis and bro..

Wanna hug my cute cute doggies (Sure growing fatter and fatter edi.. Those lazy and greedy bums..)

Wanna say thank you to all my friends, besties and gor, for standing beside me when i need them, and help me whenever i need..

Wanna say i miss you to a whole bunch of long-time-no-see friends... Even thought we're far apart from each other but i can sense our hearts are still connected tightly =)

Let the little angel pray for you all.. May peace be with you all always..

I love you all yea.. =)

Gonna sleep edi lor.. Very late ald.. Have a dreamless night and sleep tight everyone...

P.S. I missed you too *Blueks*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hmm-ness... ><

How many things we had wished to own forever in our life?








Now come to it.. What do you own now?

I guess you owned more than you thought right? But how many people will dare say they appreciate everything? I won't say so, because i know i don't...

Hey stop shushing me.. I know is dumb to say something me myself cant even understand well =="


Life's getting confusing to me.. Even thought it added colours and excitement to my initially boring and dull life, i think somehow it's a lil too much for me. Weird thing about life: You will be given a lot of things that somehow resembles what you wish for and it is not IT.. When you can only choose 1, should you grab hold of what you have now? Or wait for the something which is really really what you want but you might lose it halfway even before you touch it? Some says i don't know how to appreciate but wait... You can only grab hold of 1 thing.. Either you appreciate this not-really-what-you-want thing or put that down and go for your far-and-somehow-unreachable thing. Ouch definately hard to decide..

Hmm.. While i'm busy thinking about all this stuff, how many chances i had lost?

But i'd promised myself... Decide for your own good and no regret for it.. Then... I think i had an answer deep inside my heart... Just that no one knows... And no one can tell it's right or wrong too.. It's................................................. I will not tell =X

Easiest way.... LET TIME TELLS EVERYTHING. Since i think i had an answer, then only time can show me it's right or wrong..

Lol.. A very lame yet simple way..

P.S. Enjoyed my day today even it's just a very simple Sunday.. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kitten! Cute ehh ni!

A sunny day! A day to play! Whee!

Hmm.. What should i do today? *blank*

OWh hmm.. What's this? *pawn pawn*
(Oh dear me kitty it's just some weed ><)

No they're not just weed.. THEY ATTACKED ME!!! THEY SLAPPED ME!!
I must revenge! Bite BITE! GNAWP!!! GRRRR~~~



*MEOW!!!* (suppose to be growling)


*15 minute later............*

I give up.. The weeds are too powerful to be defeated! Exhausted edi..

Hungry eh.....

Hmm.. Grab something to eat!

(Mc D?)

No thanks no $$

(Manhattan Fish Market??)

WOW!!! Eh worst la told you no $$$ edi eh...

(How bout AC? Cheaper thou...)

NO... Shu Jun will scream at my presence.. I don wanna be famous yet!


Eh WAIT! What's this? Looks like...... Hmmm... Let me just take a bite..




Ehhh wait.. Mr snail got something to say!

LOL.. Thanks for ur time n sorry for wasting it! Ahahaha...