Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update of my life in KL

Really too boring sitting here doing nothing. Actually I should study while I have this whole day free but I just don't have the mood to open my books. Oh well, I rather spend my time writing this post than wasting my time further x)

Just in case some of you might not know, I'm currently studying in Mahsa College in PJ taking physiotherapy degree. 4+0 course from Northumbria Uni Uk. Means I'm stuck in KL and not going anywhere for the following 4 years ==" Nevermind, I got lotsa stuff to do here, I won't die of homesick yet xP

Just let you guys have a view of my room 1st..

My room and the view from outside my room. My room's messy xP Don't mind that ya...
The view outside will be nicer at night but too bad I don't have any pictures for that.

Here are some of my classmates and the seniors in the orientation programme. Had lots of fun there! =)

Our class only have 19 people right now. Really small but I think that's a good thing. At least lecturers can give more attention to each of us. The course's real tough! It's fun, but will only be fun if you masters the basic knowledge.. @@ But I don't mind a bit. My classmates are fun! x) Laughed a lot in class, right jojo and ma bro? xD

To make my life happier, I still join KLPAC wind band. IF I manage to get a clarinet I might even want to try joining KLPAC orchestra. How does that sound? Haha~

Hrmm I guess that's all for now. Will try to upload photos here soon x)


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