Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Photos x)

Finally successfully uploaded my photos up here! It'd been ages since I last posted anything here. Thought once I come back to KL I can start to blog. Oh well thanks to stupid broadband. At least I can update you guys bout my life once again, just that I have to resize every single photo of mine LOL.

Hrmm I'll start with the photo taking session with my family at Mona Lisa just after Chinese New Year. You'll find that I look kinda chubby xP New year what... I ate A LOT! Haha =)

No more talking, just enjoy the photos ya!

Formal look x)

Informal look

Dad and mum x)

The kids x)

Charlie's Angels. Joanne's trying VERY HARD to stop laughing. Vivian look scarily serious xP

Dad and Calvin.

Joanne, posing like a big boss xP

Vivian. 闪亮三姐妹!I still remember that xP

And of course, ME. This is my blog what xD

I know I look chubby, but do I look a tinny lil bit like Selina from SHE? HAHAHA! LOL.

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