Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National band competition 2009

Went to Johor Pasir Gudang to watch nationals last week with a bunch of KLPAC friends and vote band people..

Departed at saturday evening, reach there bout 10pm..

Had supper with everyone in our group, and kena bully kao kao coz i'm real excited about the competition.. Haiyah you guys wont understand lah! ><

Was waiting on bed for someone's morning call but end up that someone only phoned my by 630am.. *cough cough* Thought I was being forgotten edi.. Hahaha...

Reached stadium by 7++.. Damn early but just in time to see all the bands warm up.. Of course, while scanning around for familiar faces xP

Competition was awesome... Asma was PERFECT beyond description.. I never saw malaysia band comp audiences soooo discipline before.. Not a pin drop of sound was heard except for the great part.. Wow..

Gotta mention about St Joseph as well.. They improved a lot compared to state level and the show was really really good! Chung hwa wei sin got great impact too, enjoyed it lots.. Sam tet's formation real clean, but too bad i was not in front view, cant comment much bout it..

Then the most surprising thing happened during prize giving...

Best CG:
1st St John KL
2nd St Joseph Kuching
3rd Tun Fatimah Johor
(O.o Wow.. but but but.. I didn't even realize they got CG you know...)

Best DM:
1st Sam Tet Perak
2nd Chung Hwa Kelantan
3rd Chung Hwa Wei Sin
(They all dropped their mace thou.. not once, but twice if not mistaken.. O.o)

Best Preparation:
1st Tun Fatimah Johor
2nd Sultanah Asma Kedah
3rd Sam Tet Perak
(The 1st place was predicted lah.. As usual~)

Highlight of the day.....

Bronze award
Kwang Hwa Selangor
SMK Derma Perlis
Jit Sit Penang (O.o???)

Silver award
St John KL
MGSS Pahang
Chung Hwa Kelantan
St Joseph Kuching (O.O!!!! WTH...)

Gold award
Sultanah Asma Kedah
Chung Hwa Wei Sin Terrenganu
Sam Tet Perak
Tun Fatimah Johor (O.O I'm utterly speechless.....)

1st Asma
2nd Sam Tet
3rd Chung Hwa Wei Sin
4th Tun Fatimah (Noooooo!)
5th MGSS
6th St John
7th St Joseph (T___________T)
8th Chung Hwa Kelantan
The rest I'm not really sure... Jit Sin top3 from behind? Gosh I must be dreaming!

How much tears had wasted that day...... Blimley... Cant imagine...

Anyway, stop blaming other bands lah... Every member had put in lots of effort in this competition. Sweat and blood involved, now because of the result they get the flaming?? Blame the judges for being too blind to choose the best bands out of them, not the members who have passion and commitment for marching and music, and had did their best for the competition.

St Joseph, you guys had indeed showed the whole malaysia a very different and creative show.. I believe everyone of you had done your best. I love the whole show and enjoyed every single bit of it. No matter how bad was the result, we all know you guys deserve much better than this. =) Ora et labora!

Sam Tet, congratz yea.. And stay strong no matter what the others say about you guys. Work harder for the next competition and prove to everyone who'd flamed you guys that you guys are best among the best. Hugs! Gambateh!

Finally, to the worthy champion, Sultanah Asma.. No doubt you guys are the best among all.. Cant wait to see what's next from you guys.. Congratulations! =D


Really glad I met with a bunch of long-time-no-see-friends.. Some din manage to talk much, and some din manage to take picture.. But am glad to see you all! xD

Manage to say hi to my dear sun zi jeremy, zheng yang, wai sian and spotted many others.. =)

Me and my cutest nephew, timmy..

Someone's darling! Hahaha! damn the picture's so blur =(

The referee! Wariq and Stanton's lil bro who had "crush" on me! xD

My miao miao friend xP

Lastly~ haha!

Before we say goodbye to each other, another pic with my sweetest friends there... Eee nan's hand dirty xP


Went to Melaka for dinner...

Manage to get this picture in the moving car.. Lol..

And ate the famous chicken rice there =)

Reach home by 12am.. Tiring... But happy too~


  1. wei...my hand was dirty coz i was EATING!!! ok?...hahah....
    miao miao miao~
    mizz u lots!!!

  2. Hahaha! Din belanja me leh.. Nice o not the food? Seem not bad wor..

    U know state level got kfc right? They din give us until the comp ended.. then everyone no mood to eat edi.. Dono wad happen to all the food.. Hmm...

    Miss u lots too..

  3. hehe...sorry lor~
    the food was nice, i guess..muahaha!!!

    Yup, we ate it, but i gave it up to my fren, he was straving...

    You guys din eat it? I think i know why, very sorry...

  4. Neh.. And summore the food was left there very VERY long edi before they gave to us.. lolz..